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Mini-World Child Care Centers, accepts children for care from 6:00am through 6:00pm,
 Monday through Friday.


Kindergarten through sixth grade. For children who are enrolled in a full time public or private school system, this program offers a variety of fun, creative activities and continues the commitment of the total development of your child.

Mini-World provides Before and/or After School care to children enrolled in grades, K - 6. We provide transportation to/from the following schools (unless annotated).

Roanoke County: Ft. Lewis Elementary
Glenvar Elementary

Salem City:
Andrew Lewis Middle School **
East Salem Elementary
G.W. Carver Elementary *
South Salem Elementary
West Salem Elementary

* This school provides transportation to and from Mini-World. We are located on their bus routes. If your child attends one of these schools, the Director will advise you of the bus number. Please double check with your school concerning the correct bus number. Sometimes, the morning bus number is different from the afternoon number.

**This school is located within walking distance of Mini-World (Salem). You must sign a release form, for us to allow your child to leave the premises unattended.

NOTE: If your child will not be attending Mini-World, in the afternoon, after school, please notify us before 1:00 pm, of that day.


Mini-World accepts school - age children beginning at 6:00am, Monday through Friday. The grades are usually combined during this period.
No breakfast is served to school-age children, when school is in session. They will arrive at their respective schools with enough time to have breakfast there. We ask that you not bring food into the facility in the morning hours. EXCEPTION: Should schools be delayed opening or closed for the day, breakfast will be served at 8:30am, at the normal breakfast rate of $1.50 per child.

Transportation: Mini-World will provide transportation for your child to local area schools. Please see the Director for any schools not listed. The Mini-World buses depart the facilities between 7:30am & 7:40am. If your child attends a school, which provides transportation, please ask the Director for departure/arrival times.


The following is a schedule of daily events for our after school programs. This schedule is for the regular school year, after school.
S/A-1: School - Age 1 = K, 1, & 2
S/A-2: School - Age 2 = 3, 4, 5 & 6

We have listed each individual center and each individual school - age room. Each center services different schools and these schools vary greatly with times of release and arrival times at the center.
Please keep in mind, that all times are approximate and are meant as a "general" guideline.


A homework room is provided for those children who would like to start or complete after school assignments. Our homework rooms are open for approximately one (1) hour, with a staff member present to help your child if needed. Our staff do not perform one-on-one or tutor. Their primary concern is to answer questions and keep the room as quiet as possible. Our homework rooms are very beneficial to those children who have activities later in the evening (i.e. sports, gymnastics, dance, etc.). Any child who disrupts the homework room will be ask to leave and return to their class.
If you require your child to attend the homework room or DO NOT want your child in the homework room, please advise your Director. The children are signed in/out of the homework room daily, so you know if they went and for how long they were there. If they are required by the parent to attend the homework room and "tell us", they have no homework for that day, this will be annotated on our log.


Should your child’s school dismiss early, our buses will be at their designated place at the school to receive your child. There is no additional charge for early dismissal.


Should your child’s school have a delayed start time, usually one (1) or two (2) hours, due to weather or any other reason, Mini-World will provide transportation as if it were a normal school day. There is no additional charge for delayed starts.


In the event school is closed and/or canceled for an entire day due to weather, teacher work day, etc., an additional fee of $20.00 per day will be charged. This is in addition to the normal Before/after-school rate. Remember to PACK YOUR CHILD’S LUNCH!!


When school’s are closed for an entire week, such as: Spring Break, Christmas Break, etc., the school-age full-time rate will apply. Please refer to the "RATE SCHEDULE". Please provide lunch for your child.


Mini-World does not provide lunches during NON-SCHOOL periods. We ask that you pack your child’s lunch as you would for a normal school day. WE WILL PROVIDE MILK!
Please do not include items that require heating or refrigeration. NO GLASS CONTAINERS!!! Your child’s lunch must be clearly labeled with his/her name and class (S/A1 or S/A2)


During the summer months, when school is not in session, Mini-World accepts school-age children on a full-time basis. We schedule our summer activities four days per week, usually in the morning hours. July and August, generally have hot and humid afternoons and there are days which we may not go outside, due to these conditions. Our summer activities will include; bowling, swimming, roller skating, putt-putt, laser tag, movies, and more. A full summer activity schedule will be provided to each child/family. A one-time "summer activity fee" is charged for all scheduled activities.